August 17, 2013

Vintage Lingerie. Brand Olga / Vandermere Mystery Solved!

Back earlier this year, my friend  "Slip" from A Slip Of A Girl Blog, along with fellow vintage lingerie seller Marilyn from Midnight Glamour, finally solved the mystery about the OLGA/VANDERMERE nightgown saga. Ok, so you are asking, what saga? There are a lot of gowns being sold by Vandermere with the Olga style label, and "RN" number, but no Olga name on the label.
You will find the blog post here about the discussion:
A Slip of a Girl: "Sold Designs To" Means What?: When discussing that vintage Vandermere by Olga nightgown , that "sold designs too" phrase proved an ambiguous one -- complicating...

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