September 6, 2013

Being Nailed By Don Draper...Or Censorship. You Choose.

 "The reason you haven't felt it is because it doesn't exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons"....Don Draper.
Don Draper actually fingering some lucky chick in Mad Men.
Don Draper portrayed by Jon Hamm for Mad Men 
For the love of God....Don Draper, you nailed it. That there is our favorite quote by the trainwrecked, VERY HOT MESS Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm.
Not so Jon Hamm
He is so yummy, he makes us s.....cream! 
Speaking of being nailed.....
 ...well, nevermind, I am supposed to keep this blog semi PG rated, how about R? Yeah....we like R. Sometimes it's fun going outside the box, and while I am at it....Am tired of being CENSORED.Have been for months, even on our personal Facebook page. Not any longer! No more feeling we cannot express ourselves, even when it's purely benign. So with saying that....I'm fucking excited to let it loose and not going to take it any more!  (Sowwwwrrrryyy Mommy, for the F bomb). 

You are thinking what the hell is this blog post about?? Well, purely NOTHING, but sure just feels GOOD to let our personal thoughts pour out of our tired, swollen fingers OCCASIONALLY. I promise, to keep it OCCASIONALLY ;). But we still kept it lingerie related doncha notice!? If boring, at least a little entertaining? We hope? 

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Members of The Vintage Lingerie Sellers Sales Team said...

Okay...this is a weird post, but I love it! Oddly, there is something very healthy about it. Ha! Ha! I especially like the double screaming ladies...and the Hamm guy isn't to bad either...

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