September 2, 2013

Old Hollywood Vintage Dressing Gowns, Or, What Is A Peignoir?

A peignoir, aka dressing gown, is not a pinoir, pegnoir, peignore, it is P E I G N O I R. Ok, one of my pet peeves. Now we cleared that up.
A beautiful poem, originally found here 
my mother's white gossamer peignoir was my secret pride and joy --alone in the ranch style house on a culd-e-sac next to plum orchards the fabric slipped over my 10 year-old arms and skinned knees to reveal a fairy princess.swaying in front of her full length mirror i danced on air and twirled into the arms of ...?i was the most beautiful girl in the world lost in a dream yet mindful -- for the sound of a car,a key in the latch, the rustle of paper grocery bags,mom calling out to her girls, "I'm home! Come help!"
Old Hollywood style dressing gowns, aka peignoirs are the rage. Also known as a "peignoir". Some of you may ask, but were afraid. "What is a peignoir anyhow?" We will explain. It is French, and means "a gown worn while combing the hair". Ha! There you have it. Throw on your robe while combing your hair. The visual is interesting. All kidding aside.

Simply, a peignoir is and can be a couple of different meanings. Most popular known as simply a "robe", to our friends across the pond as known as a "dressing gown". It's simply a FANCY name for a robe.

Enjoy the following pictures, of true, vintage Old Hollywood peignoirs aka dressing gowns.

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