January 31, 2013

Vintage Lingerie 1940's Van Raalte Step In Pink Slip

We have been struggling. Every time we want to reopen the grandeur business of selling our vintage lingerie collection (of over 500 pieces), something comes up. Lately it's my health. After suffering a near fatal accident in 2010, and nearly losing my beloved husband, I suffered greatly with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Which then lead to being diagnosed with a mirage of other health issues, including fibromyalgia and advanced osteoarthritis, mainly in my neck. So, needless to say, my days of feeling good are far and few in between.

So, with saying that....I have decided finally to start slowly, get back into promoting my lingerie collection here on our blog, and slowly offer all our lovely gems for sale here on eBay.

With that...I would like to present my first piece, a rare 1940's rayon Van Raalte slip chemise *Step In* ..with original tags, in a rare size 38.

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