August 31, 2013

Top 5 Vintage Lingerie Blogs

Top 5 Vintage Lingerie Blogs, according to Google, Yahoo, Bing. These are picked, solely for vintage lingerie coverage. There were many other blogs listed, however, not specialized in strictly vintage 

1. Your's truly, Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie 

2.  A Slip Of A Girl

3. Dollhouse Bettie's Blog 

4. Vintage Lingerie Love

Swimwear And Lingerie Blog

Worthy Mentions:
Although not strictly vintage lingerie, these blogs have much information about vintage lingerie we personally know you would enjoy.

Vintage Bliss 

The Lingerie Addict 

Frou Frou Fashionista Blog

Empress Jade Blog

Secrets And Lace Blog 

The Lingerie Journal

August 24, 2013

Less Is More

We are changing our look, and think sometimes, less is more. Especially when it comes to vintage lingerie, how appropo! We have simplified for your viewing pleasure.
Less Is Definitely More

Please, give us your feedback by leaving us a comment and letting us know how our new look is for you? We are hoping our page loads faster, and is kinder and gentler to your eyes.

Elizabeth Montgomery Rocks It In Vintage Lingerie So!

Elizabeth Montgomery Rocks It In Vintage Lingerie So! Oh My Stars!
Ok, so it's not "Samantha Stevens" in vintage lingerie, but who didn't love Bewitched ...
Now returning to regular programming...Enough to make my nose twitch. Enjoy!!! *Sigh...She was just beautiful*

 Swoon ....
 Oh My Stars! YES PLEASE!
 Yes Please!

 Oh Those Legs!

August 21, 2013

Vintage Lingerie 1948 Vogue Magazine Lingerie Boudoir Photography

Sometimes you come across something that you cannot get out of your mind. This is one of the most beautiful photographs we have ever come across.

This is a John Rawlings photograph, which appeared in the February 15, 1948 issue of Vogue. Just the epitome of the what the image we think of in what elegance and primping is all about. Wear lingerie as beautiful as this and getting dressed was a more elegant affair altogether, an era all gone too soon. 

With a little splash of home furnishings that invade a bare white studio, as this beautiful model gets dressed in this makeshift boudoir. This gorgeous model is adorning a blue strapless wired brassiere, matching blue nylon stockings and white petticoat by Iris.

What the best is, her light pink lipstick further underscores the femininity of this image, and makes me just swoon. 

Vintage Lingerie Ads Top Ten Craziest Ads That Make You Go Hmmm

Vintage Lingerie Ads Top Ten Craziest Ads That Make You Go Hmmm. 

Sometimes we come across vintage lingerie ads in all our extensive searches to find and bring our readers fun and exciting things to see. We love vintage lingerie ads, as they are usually very detailed in graphics, color and art.

Unlike today's modern ads, these are truly original, and like these following Top Ten, they make you shake your head and go "hmmm." We sure wish graphic artists and advertising agents for today's lingerie would take note and start going back to basics like these ads. Just our little humble opinion of course.

What do you think? Leave a comment, do you like these vintage ads, that are crazy, but make you think!? Or do you prefer today's modern advertising?

Top Ten Vintage Lingerie Ads, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

August 20, 2013

Vintage Lingerie Galore! Vintage Nightgowns! Vintage Lingerie! Vintage Slips! Chiffon Heaven!

A Sneak Peak Into The Boudoir At Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie
Featuring over 400 Vintage Lingerie Garments!

Vintage Lingerie Galore. Shelley, owner at Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie has been and gone through quite the hellish experience for the past three years. While going full force, being one of the top producing vintage lingerie businesses on the internet, her husband was in a near fatal accident in June, 2010.., which was followed very publicly in Long Beach, by online newspaper LBReport.Com, here is part of her story. After that, her life was forever changed.

He did recover, however with life long permanent debilitating disabilities. He then was diagnosed with cancer last year, however, thankfully in remission. On top of all this, Shelley was diagnosed with PTSD (from the accident), Fibromyalgia, and Osteoarthritis throughout her neck and back, causing daily pain.

Now, fast forward, 3 years later, she and her with the help of her husband, have unpacked, cleaned, organized approximately 400 vintage nightgowns, vintage peignoirs, vintage sets, vintage girdles, full and half vintage slips, vintage petticoats, vintage bras, vintage panties! Slowly but surely, her eBay business Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie is getting back up full swing!
Here is a SNEAK PEEK of what she has to offer! A private view into Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie boudoir. 

Running their home business is now a full time job for Shelley and it's not easy because she still has to live with the effects from the Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis, as well, as being caretaker for her disabled husband. She has done a lot of soul searching over past couple of months, and it's time now to focus on the business, and not focus about the trivial shit in life. So with saying that....Here is the sneak peek into the private boudoir of Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie!
A Sneak Peak Into The Boudoir At Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie
Featuring over 400 Vintage Lingerie Garments!

August 17, 2013

Vintage Lingerie. Brand Olga / Vandermere Mystery Solved!

Back earlier this year, my friend  "Slip" from A Slip Of A Girl Blog, along with fellow vintage lingerie seller Marilyn from Midnight Glamour, finally solved the mystery about the OLGA/VANDERMERE nightgown saga. Ok, so you are asking, what saga? There are a lot of gowns being sold by Vandermere with the Olga style label, and "RN" number, but no Olga name on the label.
You will find the blog post here about the discussion:
A Slip of a Girl: "Sold Designs To" Means What?: When discussing that vintage Vandermere by Olga nightgown , that "sold designs too" phrase proved an ambiguous one -- complicating...

August 12, 2013

Top 10 Favorite Prettiest Vintage Lingerie Ads

Our Top 10 Favorite Prettiest Vintage Lingerie Ads

I occasionally blog on top 10 vintage lingerie ads, however, today, I find these the prettiest! Which is your favorite? 

Textron Empire Nightgowns (1949)

Your's Truly, with Mom in her pretty Christmas morning vintage chiffon nightgown.

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