February 26, 2014

Mad Men Vintage Lingerie Betty Draper Corset For Sale

Betty Draper aka January Jones infamous corset, by Lady Marlene in their "Baby Doll" line.
Mad Men, Betty Draper, the character who is portrayed by January Jones wore a corset that was just to die for. Featured in a very early episode of  the first season.

 After following and keeping up with the trends on Mad Men, mostly the lingerie to see if they get it right (for the era's). They were spot on with this. Season one takes place between March and November 1960. This corset/bra/panty all in one, better known as Panty Bra-s'Lette by Lady Marlene and called "Baby Doll". The magazine ad is from 1959.

For a mere $2495, you can have one too, and it's the original, being offered for sale here, The Prop Store. 

February 24, 2014

Vintage Frederick's of Hollywood Ads

Frederick's of Hollywood, 1947-1973: 26 Years of Mail Order Seduction

THE Holy Grail of vintage lingerie books and catalogs has been found (in my opinion anyhow). 255 pages chock full of glorious pictures from 1947 to 1973 of vintage lingerie galore! This very rare, hard to find book can be found on eBay or Amazon.

With fond memories of when I was around 12 years old, going to my girlfriend's house, and her Mom had her catalogs stacked up on the coffee table. We would take them, go in her room and pour over page after page giggling at the semi-nude figures under the sheer chiffon's of these glorious gowns.

I have heard of soldiers whose in the Army during the Korean War would subscribe to the catalog because the Army wouldn't allow subscriptions to what Lenny Bruce called "stroke books" - they wouldn't deliver them to the solders!

A bit of history about Frederick's of Hollywood.

In 1946 Frederick Mellinger started his mail order company for lingerie, leading up to owning 200 stores operating in the United States!

Returning from WWII in 1946, he brought with him the idea of selling a sensuous and sophisticated European style of lingerie to American women. When good girls wore white cotton panties, Frederick caused a hullabaloo with his raunchy black panties, bras, and nightgowns.

With only a limited success in New York, Mellinger moved to Hollywood a year later and renamed his company "Frederick's of Hollywood". His sexy lingerie was an instant smash with the Hollywood's film stars, complementing their glamorous lifestyle and image of the time.

Frederick's of Hollywood launched a constant stream of new and pioneering products, from the first padded bra in 1947 to the "Rising Star," the world's first push-up bra 1948.

During the fifties, Mellinger had the nous to market his lingerie in both men's and women's magazines, a strategy which proved very successful.

Many of Mellinger's achievements were owed to his understanding of women, and the fact that lingerie could make women feel beautiful. This, together with the association he had made with the glamorous Hollywood movies of the time, led fashion-conscious women to seek out his pointed, cone-stitched bras, sold under brand names such as Missiles, in their droves.

Frederick's of Hollywood had become a trendsetter. In the sixties, the "Cadillac" bra was launched, and soon became the company's bestseller. Other innovations included the front-hook bra, bras with shoulder pads, padded girdles, and body shapers.

By the seventies, when women were demonstrating and 'burning their bras' outside Frederick's of Hollywood's store, he had enough media sense to proclaim in public that the "law of gravity will win out." It was an incredible publicity coup, and sales of his bras soared across the continent.

It was Frederick's who introduced the thong to American women in 1981. However, a little later, Mellinger had seen the risk in Frederick's of Hollywood associating itself too unashamedly with explicitly sexual lingerie. Conventional American women wanted good quality lingerie, which was soft and sensual, but certainly not seedy; Nevertheless the thong still became one of fastest selling items around the world, despite this caution.

Mellinger always had an aptitude for picking up and coming celebrities to work with as models. Pamela Anderson Lee for example, appeared in his lingerie catalogues and later landed a role in Baywatch.

In 1989, Frederick has opened the world's first Lingerie Museum to huge success.

By the nineties, Frederick's was extremely successful, it continued with its lingerie innovations introducing the Water Bra and the Hollywood Kiss with its "wishbone" construction. Frederick's had also expanded its range to include dresses, sportswear, swimwear, hosiery, and accessories to name but a few.

Frederick Mellinger retired in 1984, and died in 1990, but the company was positioned to provide the lingerie market with original and innovative lingerie items and continue to satisfy women's unchanging desire for sensual lingerie.


February 17, 2014

Lace Panties For The President. 3 Counties Ban Lace Panties

Women in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will soon have one less panty option, as the countries move to ban lace panties.

Producing, importing and selling synthetic lace panties will be banned this summer within the Customs Union, a trading alliance between the three nations, the Moscow Times reports. The law was passed and took effect in 2012, but won't be strictly enforced until July 1.

The trade bloc says that synthetic lace does not absorb enough moisture.

The ban has outraged some women, and sparked a demonstration in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Protesters wore lace underwear on their heads, and three women were arrested for trying to put panties on a city monument.

February 11, 2014

Top 10 Mad Men Vintage Lingerie

Beauties of Mad Men
Betty Draper aka January Jones in a pink chiffon peignoir set

Megan Draper aka Jennifer Pare' in a lime green chiffon nighty

Joan Holloway aka Christina Hendricks wearing a vintage Grecian style black with blue trim nightgown

Betty Draper aka January Jones in a pink chiffon peignoir set

Megan Draper aka Jennifer Pare wearing a vintage panty and bra set
Betty Draper aka January Jones wearing vintage black corset, girdle, garter and stockings

Trudy Campbell aka Alison Brie wearing vintage blue with lavender trim chiffon peignoir set

Trudy Campbell aka Alison Brie wearing a vintage pink chiffon nightgown and peignoir babydoll set

Mad Men, unknown actress, wearing vintage black slip, bullet bra and what appears to be a vintage Vanity Fair leopard peignoir robe

Adyed Lucie Ann Beverly Hills pom pom chiffon nightgown

Pink bullet bra

Vintage Retro Inspired Lingerie for the Curvy Woman

Hey Curvy Gals!
Found a little secret for you! Stunning retro pin up inspired lingerie from Secrets In Lace. Everything from nylon stockings, bras, panties, garter belts, girdles, negligees and peignoir sets. Indulge yourself! Secrets In Lace! Featuring "plus size lingerie" for you voluptuous plus size gals.


February 10, 2014

Top 5 Vintage Lingerie Books

 Our Top Five Vintage Lingerie Books, in no particular order: 

Irresistible: The Art of Lingerie, 1920-1980

Slip into something more comfortable as you peruse this comprehensive overview celebrating the art of women's underwear and lingerie. In this elegant display of vintage, collectible lingerie in satin, lace, silk, and chiffon, experience the evolving designs of modern lingerie from 1920 to 1980. From sweeping changes of a woman's role in society to the technological advances that produced a spectrum of new colors and range of textiles, the form and style of lingerie has undergone a significant transformation. Photos, sketches, and vintage ads tell the story behind the designs for bodices, negligees, pajamas, nightgowns, bed jackets, girdles, garters, and more. Ideal for collectors, costume designers, fashion designers, and fashionistas.

1000 Dessous A History of Lingerie
Since the beginning of civilization, women have worn underwear. Justified as protection, or a hygienic necessity, this "second skin" was devised to satisfy perverse erotic instincts. A "trap laid by Venus" to entertain and stimulate the fantasies of both the woman who wears them and the man who discovers them. Corsets, bras and panties are not utilitarian items -- they are elements in a mystic ritual linking man and woman. They act as an obsessive focus for fantasy, for the sex they conceal is powerless without the decorations and seductions which separate us from it. Pleasure would perish without censorship. Women have always known how to stimulate the latent fetishism of the men around them. Under her dress, a Greek girl of the classical period would wear a belt around her hips which was of no practical use except to draw attention to her femininity. Likewise, the women of Rome already wore garters round their thighs, though the stocking had not yet been invented.In our own century, vamps, starlets, pin-ups and models have filled our cinema screens, our advertising hoardings, our office calendars and our imaginations with the erotic engineering of the garter belt and the surreptitious rustle of nylon stockings

Hidden Underneath History Of Lingerie Fashion Art Book

From the restrictive corsets of the late 1800s to the revealing thongs of the early 20th century, women's lingerie has changed drastically. This evolution mirrors changes in society regarding both the role of women and the ideals of beauty. Thanks to such items as the laced, corseted waist of turn-of-the-century coquettes, the uplifted busts of early-1990s supermodels, the sexy lingerie of a 1950s pin-up, and the see-through (or entirely absent) bras of the 1970s, women's underwear has provided the unseen superstructure on which modern canons of beauty have been based. A revealing text by Parisian-based fashion historian Farid Chenoune gives the context for the story of the most beautiful women of the century, while pictures of glamorous icons, as well as lesser-known Venuses, adorn the pages of this sumptuous book.

The Story of Lingerie

What do the thousands of images of bras and panties on perfectly sculpted bodies that we see spread across billboards and magazines say about our society? Many women indulge in lingerie to please men. Yet, since antiquity, women have always kept lingerie hidden away under outer garments. Thus, lingerie must be more than erotic bait. Authors Muriel Barbier and Shazia Boucher have researched iconography to explore the relationship of lingerie to society, revealing the economy and corridors of intimacy. They correlate lingerie with emancipation, querying whether it asserts newfound freedoms or simply adjusts to changing social values. This Mega Square book contains pictures of lingerie from the 17th to the 21st century.

Lillian Bassman: Lingerie

Through the 1950s and the early 1960s, working with that era’s supermodels, fashion photographer Lillian Bassman created the quintessential modern feminine image of women in their lingerie. As Ginia Bellafante put it in the recently, “In place of heavyset women constraining themselves in what was essentially equipment, Ms. Bassman deployed immeasurably lithe models, conveying a world in which women seemed to linger in the pleasures of their own sensuality.” Fifty years later, these images have lost none of their allure, and the enormous cultural impact of the TV show has given them new currency. New York TimesMad Men

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