March 12, 2014

Naughty Risque Vintage Lingerie and Vintage Advertisements

Naughty Risque Vintage Lingerie and Vintage Advertisements
Vintage ads that make you blush. Risque for the time! I love vintage adverts. Compared to today's adverts they just don't compare. Today's adverts are absolutely boring. I hope you enjoy these, I sure do! Naughty? Risque? Sure, but sex sells right? Enjoy! Starting with my most favorite....
Come of of the bone age, darling...


Ho Ho Ho

Ummm I have no words... Wow

Hey sweet thang, let's drink some Coca-Cola

Two Birds and One Stone ...Open Wide

Let's get to work baby...

Mmmmm, are you ready dear?

I know what I want...and so does (left to your imagination)

Would you like me to bob for more? *Wink*

Ohhhh the sensual look of having your nipples show through your clothes, She appears a bit cold.

Not too naughty, but love "rear guard"...

The slip is next. I guess she's not too good playing poker.

I am as confused as they are. Sears..Now something for everybody.

Thank YOu
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