March 20, 2014

Top 10 Vintage Lingerie Crazy and Makes No Sense Advertisements

From a woman in a bra and girdle playing records with a giant, to a woman being dragged by her hair by a caveman. Ten vintage ads from the *pre* Mad Men 1940s-1950s era.

My girdle, bra, records, doughnuts, and oh, lets not forget the giant. Let's party now.
I just have no words.
Thank goodness, exercise wear has come a long way baby. 
Little Dot Cole...has disturbing proportions....and who the hell was Little Dot Cole anyhow?
Yes, Puss in Boots knew all about bras. Heed his advice...indeed.

What does Cinderella have to do with this, and what is up with the pin up little person..quite cute she is though.
Little Boy Blue is whack...And that sheep freaks me out.
Wait..Whuuuuuut?Appears Little Dot Cole has turned into Modern Miss Muffet.

Shouldn’t the caveman be barefoot?
Hello there handcuffs.

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