March 5, 2014

YEEE HAW! Lingerie Goes Country! Vintage Heartland Lingerie

YEEE HAW! Lingerie Goes Country! Vintage Heartland Lingerie. Inspired by the romantic love stories sung in country music, they took country music and vintage style and fused them into creating the Vintage Heartland Brand for lingerie and intimate apparel. Their romantic, country inspired "collections" are known as "Buy Local, Good Ole Country Life and Got Milk". 

Photo Credit: Sean Micah Siegal
This American gal, truly found her ultimate lingerie collection, dear to my heart. Coming from a Southern background, they won a true fan for life! My FIRST and I am sure many more to come purchase is the Kitty 2 piece cami and capri pj set.
Photo Credit: Sean Micah Siegal

Next month, I hope to treat myself to this little number!
Photo Credit: Sean Micah Siegal
Vintage Heartland "about us" page says: "Inspired by the romantic love stories sung in country music, we took our two loves of country and vintage style and fused them into creating the Vintage Heartland Brand for lingerie and intimate apparel.

Just like you,Vintage Heartland is an authentic grass roots brand that believes that it is important to make a difference, that family comes first and beauty is on the inside as well as the out. Our company is a labor of love run by folks who believe in the same values as our mothers and grandmothers – work hard, be true to yourself and always lend a helping hand. At Vintage Heartland, hometown values are reflected in our image because we believe that beauty is what you are born with-curves and all.

Whether she lives in the country and drives a pickup truck or she’s city based- a part of the Vintage Heartland woman still belongs to her hometown. So no matter where you live, north, south, east or west, in a big city or a small town, there is always a little bit of a Vintage Heartland girl in all of us.Our designs look expensive-but they are not because we believe that we can offer affordable products that are truly pretty. We pride ourselves on having a great fit, beautiful quality and fashion trends that reflect our vintage country life style.

The collection evokes a flirty playfulness with a sweet wholesome edge reminiscent of times past and vintage styling that is reflected in our pretty prints and trims."
Photo Credit: Sean Micah Siegal
But not only does Vintage Heartland offer super cute, girly, romantic, and AFFORDABLE lingerie, they also support local farms in America through the No Farms-No Foods campaign with the American Farmland Trust. Their message is simple and couldn't be more clear. 
 "America's farms and ranches provide an unparalleled abundance of fresh, healthy and local food, but they are rapidly disappearing"

Even the photos used in the look books on their website were shot at Glynwood Farms, a sustainable working farm! 

 Their Model Search:
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