April 25, 2014

Top 10 Shocking Vintage Lingerie Ads

Being Native American, I absolutely love this. I do really!

We love articles about vintage lingerie advertisements. They had marketing ideas so ahead of their time, not only that, some would find them not very politically correct (we don't agree, we love them and not offended). Those who are offended by them, just get your big girl panties on and deal with it!

J Lo would have been in heaven.

Not sure why, this ad creeps me out. Not sure it's so "shocking" but just really weird.

Not lingerie, but fabrics. Thank God she didn't have any panty stains!
This ad is the epitome of not being political correct, we love it though. True marketing of the time. Brilliant!
Lesbians of the 80's
Lady!!!! OMG whatever you do don't forget your nylons!
Just freaking weird, 3 generations in underwear
Just way ahead of their time...Love the theme.
Spunlo Family Affair...Need I say more?


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