April 6, 2014

Vintage Lingerie and The Undie World of Lili St. Cyr Lingerie Provocatives

Vintage Lingerie and The Undie World of Lili St. Cyr Lingerie Provocatives
Lili St. Cyr, world famous original burlesque dancer, queen of strip teasing, and pinup photography. Also designed and offered costuming for strippers as well as lingerie for housewives.

vintage lingerie

"The Undie World of Lili St. Cyr," was her lingerie business based in Hollywood. Her catalogs had Lili modeling every article, with descriptions and details.

vintage lingerie

Lili's boutique, this was the only picture we could find.

vintage lingerie

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The below photo is a Vanity Fair Nightgown magazine ad from the 1950's. Lili apparently was fan.
Vintage Vanity Fair Nightgown

Vintage 1950's Vanity Fair Ad, identical to what Lili is wearing in below photo.

Lili modeling a Vanity Fair Nightgown. I personally own an identical gown.

Lili loved fashion, so she also opened up a mail-order lingerie business and a Hollywood lingerie boutique known as The Undie World of Lili St. Cyr. Her catalog, of course always featured Lili modeling (illustrations and photos) in her lingerie, promised that women would “be well dressed for that most delightful sport of all created to meet an unprecedented demand for the bold . . . the delicious . . . the naughty!”
Some of her provocative creations were little bikini panties and g-strings, sheer chiffon peignoirs, dressing gowns, chiffon nightgowns, and of course we won't forget dazzling pasties! Her line included names such as Folies Bergere, Nights On The Nile Nighties, Coy Miss, Scantie Panties, Lolita, and Lili's Love.
Descriptions played up Lili’s connection to the lingerie. The ads divulged that in her personal appearances she wore the Illusion, a robe made of “yards and yards of sheerest Nylon--draped to reveal and conceal.” And they trumpeted the notion that “only Lili St. Cyr could design such a fabulous Nylon Lace dance set” as Lili’s Love, a halter bra and bikini.
 Lili's lingerie boutique which also sold the same items as her mail order catalog business. It continued to boom and was a "Hollywood Hot Spot" for over 20 years.
Many celebrities (Including Madonna) would frequent her boutique. Rumor was up until the mid 1990's she was interested in having another lingerie boutique in Hollywood. Unfortunately we couldn't find any information on that.
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