April 4, 2014

Vintage Lingerie STRANGE AND WEIRD Ads With Funny Captions.

 Vintage Lingerie STRANGE AND WEIRD Ads With Funny Captions.
Finally, I got off my ass and am posting the winner of our contest we held on March 21. (My apolgies to our winner MARIA, for being a little late showing off your brilliant captions!). The "capture this" contest rules were simply to come up with the best captions for these 10 strange and weird vintage lingerie magazine ads.

Here are her captions that are under each ad. Super brilliant and funny. I love all the captions she came up with, my faves are #2 and #8. Which are your favorites? Leave us a comment and tell us!
1. If only the Perma-lift girdle existed back in the Roman era.
 Hmm… maybe I can just slip this on her…
2. Last week I dreamed I played backgammon in my maidenform bra… then battleship… This has gotten out of hand! What was that psychiatrist’s number?

3. I’m glad this girdle lets me enjoy such a normal physical activity… Oh, I wish these balloons would stop staring!
4. “Hey, Birdie, do I feel small and light and free as the air?” *labored breathing* “Um… yeah… sure, sure.”

5. This bra is positively glowing! It’s so foggy out; no one will notice that I’m wandering around in my skivvies. I blend right in!
6. What do you know? I can breathe! Wait, but why are we standing in giant flowers again?
7. Ahh… I love when my rear looks just like an armored tank
8. As flexible as bones? I’m not sure that this is the girdle I’m looking for…
9. Look, look! Honey! I found a new bra hidden in this pumpkin! Can I please come out now?

10. Hey, Daisy! Let’s put on matching underwear and read a story together!
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