April 7, 2014

Vintage Lingerie Top 10 Sexiest Nylon Stocking Vintage Advertisements

Vintage Lingerie Top 10 Sexiest Nylon Stocking Vintage Advertisements
 These are our top ten most fave stocking adverts...Sexy indeed. Provocative for their era. I do believe Hanes nylon stocking ads are by far the most sexiest. Flirty, with a bit of innocence. Anyhow enjoy these 10 advertisements from the Mad Men era (and before!).

vintage lingerie
1. Our most favorite of all. Peek A Boo!
vintage stocking ads
2. Quaker Stockings, next to Hanes and for their era were simply divine.
vintage stocking ads | Vintage silk stocking ad
3. EMO now, not necessarily the EMO of today. This French ad is sexy indeed.

vintage stockings ads | Vintage Stockings Ads
4. Rayner Bondor Nylons, not sure what the little fairy angel men are doing there.

vintage stocking ads
5. Mojud Lingerie, Santa seems a little pervy.
vintage lingerie stocking ad
6. What is up with the Santa. Mojud is kinky.

Vintage Stockings Ad “MORLEY” 1950
7. Morely..Very classy, yet so sexy. Nice.
1940s stockings
8. Quaker Lace Company. Definitely ahead of their time, very seductive.

Lingerie Advert , 1950s., Morley Nylons.
9. Morely Nylons, leaving much to the imagination.

vintage stocking ads | via jessica cangiano
10. Toujours Bear Brand. What is up with the little toys and things in these ads...sublimanal?
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11. Ok, I sneaked in two more.. Couldn't resist..again, little person... what the heck?

ca. 1960s advert

12. Well, not real sexy, but just apropos for this article!


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