May 16, 2014

Disney's Story On Menstruation

SAY WHAT?! Yep, in 1946, Disney amazingly created this little *ditty*. The Story of Menstruation. A Walt Disney Production Through the Courtesy of Kotex Products.

Ok, I found some pretty strange things on the internet over the years, but I would say this is one of the top strangest things I have found. An actual animated "cartoon" if you will, on menstruation, and who else behind this production, but Kotex. Ok, you ask, but this is supposed to be a blog on vintage lingerie and what not. Well, my answer is, yes, however, sometimes you just have to stray against the norm of things!

Ah ha.. there we go, we knew there had to have a Kotex marketing aspect instead of just Disney teaching the gals of the 1940's and 50's about..well..."menstruation." However, there still would be something wrong with that picture right?

The "cartoon" film alternates between clinical panels describing the process of menstruation, and cartoon "animated" parts that teach the gals about hygiene and what not.

What I simply enjoyed were the animated girls in certain scenes, were very reminiscent of Snow White and Cinderella.

Walt Disney seemingly had to get special permission from Kotex to do a film on periods, excuse me, "menstruation." Kotex was a bit more powerful then Disney back then. Kotex did agree, with no qualms. And so it goes.
If you grew up in American schools, pre-1980's, you were entertained by many health/sex ed films. This was only shown to girls because (apparently boys are not supposed to know periods even exist.) That being said, it’s quite the film.
These school girls were given a booklet titled "Very Personally Yours", which had tips for when you "menstruate" as well as get this...discouraging the use of tampons, and also amusingly cute little tips on hygiene. The "cartoon" subtly ignores the "blood / bleeding" issue and don’t even think they would even mention sex (however! I think the little dance segment might imply that?!).

If you want a little laugh, pay special attention at about scene 2:44 where the narrator says "vagina." Do you notice a bit of a "pause"? As if she is shocked she had to say it. Rumor is this is the first time "vagina" was ever used in a film. If there was ever a company suited to talk about "vaginas" in the 1940s in a copacetic way, it was Disney. Also, do you think some of the girls look a little Snow Whitish or Cinderalla-esque?
Oh, and upon release, it was given the Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval.

And here we go...The infamous video. Enjoy!!!!!

See ya tomorrow!
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