May 5, 2014

Our Top 13 Lingerie Blogs To Read

Well Hello There Legs!
seamed stockings by What Katie Did

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We do read and admire and follow and love and respect all bloggers. We for one know how hard it is to keep up with providing information current to our readers.
Many of us do not do this for money. This is why many of us have a "donation" link to help us carry on, and keep doing what we do.


Many of you probably do not realize how much time and effort goes into these blogs, and a lot of us do it in our "spare" time as a hobby. Some earn money from adverts and/or sponsors.

Regardless of all that, these are our favorite blogs we visit and read regularly and you should too!

These are NOT a paid plug....and they are in alphabetical order:
****SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO FRANKUFOTOS LINGERIE for the most enticing lingerie photos around. Unfortunately he stopped blogging, but there is still plenty to look at ;)

A Slip Of A Girl (My long time mentor, but she doesn't know it)


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