May 4, 2014

Our Top 5 Picks Vintage Lingerie Intimates
If you are starting out your vintage lingerie collection, these are a must for your vintage lingerie collection. Our top five picks for your basic collection or starting out.

1.Vintage full slip. I highly recommend a 1950's Vanity Fair or Van Raalte. Not only exquisite quality, but most beautiful in design. I tend to go for the brighter colors with lots of lace. (I wear these as nightgowns in the warmer summer nights).
 1954 Vanity Fair lacy white slips vintage lingerie ad photo by Mark Shaw

2. Long rayon satin gown. Think Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake (as shown).

This is for your more romantic nights. Perfect for your wedding night. Our favorite brands are Fischer, Lady Duff. 
Veronica Lake in a satin peignoir

Beautiful mermaid satin negligee
3. Double chiffon peignoir babydoll set. Think Doris Day, Jane Russell (as shown) This is perfect for when you are in a more playful mood. Good for anytime. Or a set like this periwinkle chiffon set (1st picture below) by Rogers (I own this!). I recommend (again) Vanity Fair, Shadowline,  or Rogers when it comes to these sets.
Dollhouse Bettie Kitten Sheer Red Chiffon Babydoll
From Dollhouse Bettie
Sweet Babydoll and matching panty set.. a must have!

4. Double chiffon peignoir long negligee set. Again, for your more romantic nights, great for the vintage themed honeymoon.

1950s pleated pink Vanity Fair nightgown with smoke blue chiffon overlay, Dorothea's Closet
5. Half slip. Again, you cannot go wrong with Vanity Fair or Van Raalte.

I didn't include any foundations as you see, but that will be in another article down the road.
There are many more brands out there just as beautiful and good quality, I just prefer certain brands. It's a personal taste. You will find yours, and let me know what brands are your faves by leaving me a comment!


Cathy Foster said...

Love, love, love #4....but not much for the xl gal to look pretty in. :(

Shelley SVL said...

Dear Cathy, We think any gal would look divine in any of these! #4 is a favorite of mine too (I don't own it, but found it on Pinterest). Are YOU the Cathy from school? If so, I need to get in touch with you about what I told you I would send you... not here though. xoxox

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