June 28, 2014

Let's Design Some Lingerie!

 Esty Lingerie Competition

Ever dreamed of becoming a lingerie designer? Or how about you have an idea, and never knew what to do with your idea? Well, here is your chance! Esty Lingerie is having their annual lingerie design competition.

 This lovely corset isn't part of the contest, but one of the many lingerie items available on Esty!
Red & black lace overlay corset with suspenders
Red & Black corset

Rules are pretty simple, and not only will your item be produced and sold on their site, you will win a gift voucher to do a little shopping for yourself, and an online interview for their website! Go here to see all the details on how to enter (super easy really).

This is one of my favorite winner's design's from the 2011 a sweet silk satin bra and matching knicker set in purple.

Being a seller of mainly vintage lingerie, I have so many ideas. I just don't know how to draw. Stick figures is about all I know best. Who knows, maybe Miss Sweet Vintage Lingerie (aka me) might have an idea and get the balls to submit.

Esty Lingerie has a little bit of everything for anyone! From the approx. $4000 high end luxury dressing gown to $8.00 affordable stockings. Hundreds of items to choose from.

If any of you readers decide to enter, let me know how it goes! Leave me a comment :) and good luck!

See Ya Tomorrow (hopefully)! xo

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