May 29, 2014

Vintage Lingerie For Throwback Thursday

On Etsy
What better way to "celebrate" Throwback Thursday with vintage "Day's Of The Week" panties. Remember those? I do, and had some when I was a wee little tot. These are our top picks we found.

Vintage Lingerie Just A Little Shameless Plug

Click here to EnlargeI absolutely despise these shameless plugs, self promoting posts! However, in defense, after all, we do sell vintage lingerie, and this after-all is our vintage lingerie blog.

Our Vintage Lingerie Boudoir (FOR REAL!)

May 16, 2014

Disney's Story On Menstruation

SAY WHAT?! Yep, in 1946, Disney amazingly created this little *ditty*. The Story of Menstruation. A Walt Disney Production Through the Courtesy of Kotex Products.

Ok, I found some pretty strange things on the internet over the years, but I would say this is one of the top strangest things I have found. An actual animated "cartoon" if you will, on menstruation, and who else behind this production, but Kotex. Ok, you ask, but this is supposed to be a blog on vintage lingerie and what not. Well, my answer is, yes, however, sometimes you just have to stray against the norm of things!

Ah ha.. there we go, we knew there had to have a Kotex marketing aspect instead of just Disney teaching the gals of the 1940's and 50's about..well..."menstruation." However, there still would be something wrong with that picture right?

May 15, 2014

Vintage Lingerie Ad for Throwback Thursday. Oh Yay.

Oh Yay. This is what her expression on her face looks like, either that, or she's having the best orgasm of her life. 

Enjoy this Throwback Thursday ad. See ya tomorrow!!!!

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May 7, 2014

Our Personal Vintage Lingerie Collection For You

Have you ever wanted to own a collection of vintage lingerie? You can buy a part of our personal collection! Right now, this offer is for USA BUYERS ONLY. For our international readers, we will offer another lot soon!

For $325, nevermind, just for our blog readers, you can buy it for $300, $225 REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE. I have this for sale on eBay for $325.00 Vintage Lingerie Lot   SOLD!

We have included, 17 items (20 pieces total), meaning...3 SETS, and 14 gowns and robes.  A COUPLE OF FREE BONUS ITEMS TOO! and SHIPPING IS INCLUDED (FREE SHIPPING!)

Our Vintage Lingerie Lot

Scroll below the pictures and we have listed everything you get (except for the free bonus items). If you are wondering WHY we are getting rid of this, well, have you seen our boudoir?
Our Boudoir packed full of vintage lingerie!

May 5, 2014

Our Top 13 Lingerie Blogs To Read

Well Hello There Legs!
seamed stockings by What Katie Did

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We do read and admire and follow and love and respect all bloggers. We for one know how hard it is to keep up with providing information current to our readers.
Many of us do not do this for money. This is why many of us have a "donation" link to help us carry on, and keep doing what we do.


Many of you probably do not realize how much time and effort goes into these blogs, and a lot of us do it in our "spare" time as a hobby. Some earn money from adverts and/or sponsors.

Regardless of all that, these are our favorite blogs we visit and read regularly and you should too!

These are NOT a paid plug....and they are in alphabetical order:
****SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO FRANKUFOTOS LINGERIE for the most enticing lingerie photos around. Unfortunately he stopped blogging, but there is still plenty to look at ;)

A Slip Of A Girl (My long time mentor, but she doesn't know it)


May 4, 2014

Our Top 5 Picks Vintage Lingerie Intimates
If you are starting out your vintage lingerie collection, these are a must for your vintage lingerie collection. Our top five picks for your basic collection or starting out.

May 1, 2014

Katie Did What? Retro Style Panty

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Katie Did What!?! Our review Of What Katie Did's, in their Gold Label line, the "Lulu Deep Panties". Our friends, and partner in crime, (yes an affiliate), BUT we LOVE them!

Celebrate May Day in Lingerie with Ribbons and Lace

May Day! Why not celebrate the day in ribbons...very apropos correct? Lingerie DOES set the day anyhow! Featuring this Forget Me Not  Baby Blue garter belt... I am in AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... By the way, it's from Esty Lingerie, one of our most favorite affiliate partners we just love.

Loose, floaty design, with contrasting black trim. Handmade in the UK.
Oh Mama! I HAVE to have this.

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