November 4, 2014

Mad Men's January Jones in Lingerie

Mad Men's January Jones in Lingerie

Your Ultimate Lingerie Guide

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Lingerie Types

Bras, panties, shapewear, teddies, nightgowns, foundations... There is a whole world of beautiful, feminine lingerie to be explored: a world so wide that many are not aware of all the lovely choices you have. I hope you can use the detailed information in this guide to know what kinds of lingerie are available and which pieces you might need in your wardrobe. You can then go about selecting particular styles and use your newfound knowledge to shop with confidence.

Knowing about the types of lingerie available help my clients decide on the right pieces for their needs. A client can make a checklist of their concerns regarding undergarments, body shape, and so on and decide which items will be most useful to them. They can then research the options for each type of item and narrow down their choices to a few styles that they prefers and would like to try. The most crucial aspect of most lingerie buying is getting the proper size, so you should always measure yourself each time you shop, because even a difference of one year or a few pounds can make a difference in body size. Overall, lingerie should be uplifting, both literally and figuratively.

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