February 19, 2015

Mad Men Vintage Lingerie! As Seen On Mad Men

We were hoping there was more lingerie in the seasons of Mad men, because there wasn't enough at all shown. The lingerie these women deploy just to sleep in are aesthetic achievements as intricate as what they wear out of bed. We are talking about the bras, corsets, girdles, garter belts, slips, corsets, and of course the nightgowns. Today, the closest we get to rocking Mad Men style is usually the looks from Don's whorehouse flashbacks.

And...We are offering the same exact nightgown peignoir set worn by Trudy as shown in these two pictures. You can buy it here.

The above peignoir gown style worn by Trudy is available here.

In the meantime, click on the link to see most of the lingerie featured on Mad Men, our collection:


 See Ya Tomorrow! xo

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