February 14, 2015

Will the Real Ginger Roger's Please Step Up!? Roger's Lingerie

Rogers Lingerie...Will the real Ginger Rogers please step forward. Much has been said about Roger's Lingerie. However, is this REALLY from Ginger Roger's lingerie? After much research, I have found but one authenticated article on Ginger Roger's lingerie line, which was designed for JC Penney in the mid 1970's. These ads are all mostly from the 1950's and 1960's...So is Roger's Lingerie part of the Ginger Roger's legacy or a completely separate entity?

In 1972, Ginger Roger became a designer for her own lingerie line for JC Penney. Creating a 20 piece wardrobe for 700 stores across the USA. In Rock Island, Tennessee she had apparantly her own factory label line, Formfit Rogers. 

So, these early ads, was this from Ginger Roger's line from TN? or a completely different Roger's. More to follow....End. See Ya Tomorrow! xo


chaviori said...

so vintage..

DarKScoRpioN said...

Sweet. I wish my wife will put on one of these lingerie for me.

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