June 5, 2015

Does HE Have Nicer Lingerie Then You?


Australian online retailer HommeMystere launches its new online store specialising in elegant lingerie specially designed and tailored for men. Gold Coast, Australia – March 2015 Since 2008 HommeMystere has been specialising in men’s lingerie and changing men across the globe from the inside out. While our beautiful pieces look and feel like women’s lingerie, they’ve been designed and tailored to fit the male body perfectly.

Catering to a very unique market, the business has experienced sustained percentage growth in the double digits, consistently selling men’s lingerie into over 30 countries around the world. Since the HommeMystere range was launched on the catwalk at the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show in 2012, over 40% of the site’s sales now go direct to the US.

 The new online store was developed to meet this increasing demand, while presenting the quality and design of the various lingerie ranges. There are eight new styles to be released on the site this year, including the recent Monique and Genevieve styles.


Lingerie for men sits in an undefined territory deemed ‘not exciting enough’ for adult stores and ‘too confronting’ for mainstream retail stores. As a result Australian couple Brent and Lara Krause created HommeMystere to move away from the standard cotton “jocks” and provide men with more options for underwear in the form of an exclusive, quality product without big-brand price tags.

The company started out as a small, hobby-sized operation and has grown into a global online store incorporating design in Australia, manufacturing in China and shipping worldwide in under four years.

The general profile of HommeMystere customers is male, married and over 40. He has discerning taste in underwear and want luxury garments but does not need to show it off to others. He wants something new and exciting to buy and usually has the disposable income to make that purchase.

View their entire collection of lingerie men here.

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