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Silly "Selfie" May 3, 2014
This page is constantly under construction, like me. 
Hi! My name is Shelley online vintage lingerie boutique, Sweet Vintage Lingerie.Com. Before you continue reading, please know, I ramble on, and not a professional writer, I have terrible grammar, and all I can say is thank God for spell check!  I often copy and paste from my other sites so, so reading this bio might be mixed up..So I warned you......  carry on!
A RARE selfie wearing a Van Raalte Vintage Full Slip in Navy Blue. Ridiculously grainy, but it was my first attempt and never before seen in lingerie ONLINE that it. :)
My bragging rights (and here is where I turn red) are being a renowned vintage lingerie seller on eBay for over 10 years with over 10,000 vintage lingerie sales (yes, you read that correct, OVER 10,000), very knowledgeable of vintage brands of lingerie and styles, and vintage lingerie fashion blogger. Featured in many online articles, books, among the top twenty lingerie blog, and has written a mini guide on vintage lingerie.
LOL again, grainy, but I'm learning. :)
Married with a grown daughter in college, two fur babies. I have my hand's pretty full. Even with what I am about to share with you, I still keep my passion alive for vintage lingerie. I have fibromyalgia and suffer terribly from PTSD, with depression and anxieties. This blog is my "escape". I LOVE coffee, I don't drink or do drugs, and I have an obsession, crush and love for Sophia Loren. Oh and did I say I LOVE COFFEE? Wink Wink.
I have a mad crush on her.

The following is very personal, and sharing with you because I have been through hell and back, so if any of you are dealing with "life issues", my best advice is reach out to those that unconditionally love and care for you, don't be afraid to ask for help, pray (if you are a believer), and seriously, because I am a realist, I roll my eyes at people (even though they are correct) who tell me "time will heal", "one day at a time", "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", etc. My point being, breath, do take it day by day, and don't read or look into the future too much. Keep it real, and not your head in the clouds.  

My personal life took a turn on June 2010. My husband was in a near fatal accident and was in the hospital for 3 months and 10 days total (3 weeks of that in a coma)...

He was hit by what we were now being told a speeding motorist who was trying to "make the light" and hit my husband on my husband's motorcycle. He suffered a complete broken pelvis, internal bleeding, broken right shoulder and right arm, most broken ribs, broken lower back, broken right femur (thigh bone) left knee and fibula, broken right toes, a paralyzed diaphragm, spinal nerve damage, minor brain/head injury (TBI) and permanent nerve damage in both legs and both arms. Yes, by God's mercy, he survived. It's been a long tough rode. He learned how walk (with great difficulty) again, and regain his memory slowly. He is forever disabled, but thankful he is alive.
Apologies to those offended of the picture of him in the coma, yes, I am very "bitter" about motorcycles, but more bitter about distracted drivers.
Life is forever changed, but blessed he is alive! With the support from my clients, family and friends, I wouldn't be here right now.

3 days after waking up from coma. Trying to feed him. Me no sleep and aged about 10 years. Him, 3 weeks of sleep in a coma.Can you believe what I look like!? Death warmed over.

2014...After all this, he was diagnosed with cancer, however, he kicked cancer in the A$, and on top of it I was diagnosed with major health problems, but dealing with that the best of my ability.


Moving forward now! Onto the lingerie stuff....

SuzieMax.Com was kind enough to feature and interview me.Read full article HERE.
.Sweet Vintage Lingerie is owned by Shelley, who has been selling on eBay for approximately 10 years – the last nine she has specialized in vintage lingerie. As with many sellers of collectibles, she began her interest in vintage lingerie as a collector. Here are the questions I asked Shelley about Sweet Vintage Lingerie and her answers:
How did you get started selling vintage lingerie? As a child, I loved my Mother’s frilly chiffon peignoir sets
Me at around age 1 with my Mom.
and as a vintage clothing collector, I started out collecting vintage slips and nightgowns when I went to shop for vintage clothing. My collection started growing quite large so I found I needed to downsize and saw eBay as an awesome chance to sell off my collection. It evolved from there and it is my quest to search, shop, find the most exclusive vintage lingerie to sell to other collectors!
What is your favorite item you have sold?
 Lucie Ann/Claire Sandra Nightgown
My favorite item I ever sold was this minty green Lucie Ann/Claire Sandra Nightgown and a Coral Pleated Vanity Fair nightgown.

Are you a collector as well as a seller? Mostly a seller now, however I have a few treasured items I cannot part with.

When you find great items do you keep them for yourself? Hardly ever. I sell 100% of everything I find. After 9 years of doing this, I just don’t have the room to keep everything.

What do you like best about what you are doing? Oh the freedom and being my “own boss”. I was an office manager in a dental office for nearly 20 years and gave it up 6 years ago to sell on eBay full-time and I don’t look back. I do miss the “steady” income, however being at home with my family and being my own boss overshadows that.

What are the biggest challenges? Trying to do everything! Mom, wife, maid, cook, and owner. My husband was in a near fatal accident on June 21, 2010. He is permanently disabled and working from home allows me to take care of him.

What is your “Holy Grail” in Vintage Lingerie? I would have to say any Claire Sandra/Lucie Ann gowns, with marabou or the “pom poms” (like the mint green one pictured).
Well, that's about covers it all. Thank you for visiting, without your support I wouldn't do what I do!

Love and Kisses!
seamed stockings by What Katie Did
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