Diana Lingerie Slip Co

 Curiosity killed the cat? If sooo... purrrrrrrr baby. 

Ok, well, while you are here, and if you are here, you must like, love, collect, admire, or have an obsession about vintage lingerie? Ok, well, warning, you are about to experience THE VINTAGE LINGERIE EXPERIENCE GONE NAUGHTY. I warned ya, and this is for OVER 18 ONLY. By continuing to look you are agreeing you are over 18.

This was THE original FREDERICK"S OF HOLLYWOOD MEETS VICTORIA SECRET in the lingerie business. The Diana Slip Company was a 1930s French lingerie company, established where else, but Paris,. that was created by Leo Vidal.

It was almost unheard of, even in France to have models post so suggestively nude... not to mention the focus was a bit of S&M, however incredibly beautiful images from an amazing photographers of Brassaï, Jean Moral and Roger Schall .

In the 1930s, Vidal created Publishing Gauloise, which become in 1936, The New Book, network bookstores, boutiques, newspaper groups, documents and studios, grouped in a company. So it was rather a company that manufactured and sold under fetish clothes, condoms, erotic books and photography. Diana Slip Co. was one of those companies and was able to attract large resources to the New Bookstores in its marketing and distribution and reputation and that thanks to the production of a series of illustrated catalogs / magazines (including lingerie and The Libertines Magazine Paris)

Sadly, the company liquidated at the end of World War II.

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